Prospero's Daughter (newmoonstar) wrote in poirot_fans,
Prospero's Daughter

hello and some questions about 'The Labours of Hercules'

Hi, the final episodes of Poirot are still airing in the US, and I was rather surprised by how bad 'The Labours of Hercules' was. Aside from the fact that the acting and writing both telegraphed who the killer was long before the end, I was rather confused by the Russian countess showing up (recast with a younger actress) and how she had an American daughter who hated Poirot for no reason? None of that made much sense to me. I've never actually read the novel it's based on, and was wondering if anyone here had read it? Does this come from the novel, or was it the screenplay? Because I heard they changed things pretty substantially from page to screen in 'The Big Four' and I was wondering how faithful this adaptation is, because it really didn't have that Agatha Christie feel to me, and I've been watching Poirot my whole life.

I'm thinking of doing a Poirot re-watch from the beginning after 'Curtain' airs here, and I'm glad to find some other Poirot fans! (Though I wish I'd have found it before the series ended! lol)
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